Flakey Google Talk connection in iChat

Google Talk in iChat

One of my News Years Resolutions is to keep in more regular contact with friends. One way I decided to do that was to stay logged into a chat client. It’s not for meaningful discussions, but just for the occasional, Hi there kind of thing.

I’m using Google Talk, via iChat. The big problem I’ve had so far is the connection continually gets dropped, and I can’t figure out why. I can’t seem to stay logged in more than about 1/2 hour.

Has anyone else had this problem with Google Talk / iChat?

Australia Joins China In Censoring The Internet

“The Australian Government has announced that they will be joining China as one of the few countries globally that broadly censor the internet.”

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Apparently this was originally proposed as an opt-in policy meant to protect children from questionable material, but at the last minute they decided to implement it for everyone. You can opt-out, but you may end up on a list somewhere.

I’m all for protecting children, but I strongly disagree with policies being applied with such broad strokes.

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Apple patents Macbook docking station with integrated monitor

Apple Docking Station

Apple has just patented a new docking station with an integrated display. The idea would be to leave this iMac-looking device on your desktop connected to all of your peripherals, and then you can just slide your laptop in/out without needing to fuss with 10 different cables. It’s very reminiscent of the old Powerbook Duo.

It may be a little clunky for today’s Macbooks, but it would be a perfect fit for that ultra-portable Mac that they’re rumored to announce at Macworld in a couple weeks.

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Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a great holiday and New years. Other than spending Christmas Day at the Emergency Room ours went pretty well. I won’t go into too many details, but Anne Marie (my girlfriend) picked up a nasty virus that was very unpleasant for her. But, she’s doing OK now.

Did anyone make any unusual resolutions? Mine are pretty standard… lose weight, get more organized, keep in touch with friends, etc… and of course, blog more! I’ll actually be posting a few specifics on some of mine in later posts.