LightWindow – a Lightbox for Everything

Have you used Lightbox, or Slimbox, on your site to display images, and wished you could use it for other types of content? If so, you may want to have a look at lightWindow. It’s the lightbox for just about everything else… QuickTime, Flash, PDF, other web pages, forms, inline content, and oh ya… images.

via Ajaxian

4 thoughts on “LightWindow – a Lightbox for Everything”

  1. lightWindow shows promise, but it is seriously lacking in some areas. One of the biggest problems is with its form functionality or lack there of.

  2. ricbax actually v1.2 does forms nicely, and v2 coming up today I hope does it better. What lacks is peoples understanding of ajax and how their shared hosting environment can limit them with what they can and cannot do. In v2 if you don’t like the default handler you can create your own and tell the system to use that one instead.



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