Judith and Holofernes

Judith and Holofernes - Dairymen & Festa Queens

Sunday night we went out to see our friend Matt play at the Rite Spot Café. We had planned to leave after his set, but we were talking to Matt when the next band started, Judith and Holofernes. They were only about half way through their first song when I turned to anne marie and said ‘I think we need to stay for this’. They were great! I really liked them a lot. I’m so glad we stayed.

I bought their CD, Dairymen & Festa Queens, at the show. It’s also available via iTunes. It’s very good. It didn’t have all the tracks I liked from the show on it, but I still highly recommend it. Their website says they have a new CD coming out (last month). It’s not ready yet, but I emailed the band and they said it may be ready by their next show (3.28.05).

A description on the site says ‘The music that they play is best described as “Fado Core,” a mix of indie rock and a particular style of Portuguese folk music (fado) known for its obsession with anguish, longing, and the bittersweet twists of everyday life’. They have some sample songs on their site. I highly recommend checking them out.

Deep Throat

Deep Throat

0 Stars

So we have been a little curious to see the documentary Inside Deep Throat, but neither of us had ever seen the original movie. The Roxie theater here is San Francisco is showing the original. Last night we went and saw it. This is the only movie I have ever given 0 stars. I usually give at least 1 star. You get 1 just for making a movie. Not only was this a terrible movie, but it wasn’t even good porn. Needless to say, neither of us have any interest in seeing the documentary now. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time.

Apple wins initial ruling against Mac sites

Apple wins initial ruling against Mac sites:
“A California judge ruled Thursday that Apple can force three Mac sites–Powerpage.org, AppleInsider and Think Secret–to disclose where they got confidential information about an unreleased Apple product. ‘Judge James Kleinberg of state court in San Jose, California, refused to shield the publishers from Apple’s inquiries,’ reports Bloomberg. ‘Lawyers for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a group that seeks to protect civil liberties related to technology, sought the order on behalf of the publishers. ‘We’re disappointed that the tentative ruling was a denial,’ said Kurt Opsahl, a lawyer for the foundation. He said he would appeal the ruling.’ In December, Apple filed a suit seeking to force the three sites to turn over information about the person who leaked details on an unreleased product code named ‘Asteroid.'”

[ Via MacMinute ]

Intel’s new concept PC

Intel Concept PC

Yesterday, Intel unveiled it’s new concept home entertainment PC at the developers conference down the street, at Moscone Center. I would have to say it’s looks very, very familiar.

According to a report on CNet News.com, it’s unlikely that Intel itself would build such a device, and thus far, the concept PC is just a piece of plastic, with a mock clock display, optical drive, and USB, audio and FireWire port connectors.

HeavyMail Mac

HeavyMail Mac

For a while now I’ve been doing some little jobs here and there for HeavyMail. We just finished the Mac version of the HeavyMail client software. HeavyMail is basically an app for transferring large files and folders over the internet. An experienced user could just use ftp (if they had a server), but it’s an awesome app for the beginner. I plan to tell my clients about it. Most of them aren’t usually familiar with using ftp, and this will be a great way to transfer files back and forth. You should check it out.

I did the icon design for the application, and it was programmed by a Daniel Jalkut. He’s a great guy, if you need Mac software development, I highly recommend him. The icons could have been better, if they had hired a “real” icon designer to do them. It’s not really my thing… it’s hard to get things to look good at 32×32 pixels. Mac icon design truly is a specialized line. All-in-all I think it looks pretty good though, for v1 beta software.

Another Record Month for ‘one digital life’

One Digital Life Stats 2/2005

Wow! I’ve had another record month. With only a couple exceptions, the number of people viewing this site has steadily grown since the day I started it. That’s so cool! I’m glad people seem to like it enough to come back.

I’m also pretty surprised that my original (4 panel) iPod people desktop picture was downloaded a whopping 2,731 times in February. I think that’s pretty cool! The other two items to generate the most traffic were, the topples pic of BloodRayne from the October issue of Playboy, and the Conan Obrian video segment, spoofing a trip to the NBC call-center (in India) to meet the tech support people.

blissprints postcard

blissprints postcard

I (paul burd design) got to do a nice little project the other day for blissprints. It was a promotional handout (postcard). It was refreshing to do a quickie little project like this, with all the really big projects I’ve been doing lately.

Does the design look familiar? They gave me a design that they wanted me to go with, but it wasn’t really working for me. I happen to look over and see my 7th Annual Los Dos Hike shirt, and thought… that will work. Since I did the design for the shirt (and it was for personal use), I don’t really feel bad about stealing from myself. ;)