Desktopia 1.0

By | August 24, 2006


Desktopia 1.0 was released yesterday. It allows you to change your Mac Desktop at user-specified times of day. It comes with a great set of landscape pictures that range from night to day, so your desktop can simulate the passing of time. You’re not limited to the image set that comes with Desktopia, you can use your own images as well.

Desktopia was written by Pierre Chatel. You may know him from his other awesome app, Sidenote, which is a great tool for organizing your random notes.

Both Sidenote and Desktopia are free, but donations are welcome.

The only issue I’ve come across so far with Desktopia, is it doesn’t support having more than one monitor hooked to your Mac. Only the main monitor will change. Hopefully this will be addresses in a future update.

Found via Cool OSX Apps

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ExpoTice on August 25, 2006 at 8:11 am.

a great place to get wallpapers for this is

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