Google Print (beta) goes live

By | June 28, 2005

Google Print

“Google has opened up Google Print to the public. Pretty impressive at first glance. In typical Google fashion, the main page looks pretty much like the standard Google home page, which is to say very white and very sparse. Enter a keyword or two and you get a glimpse into thousands of books that contain your search terms. Copyrighted material is clearly marked. Buying the book (at Amazon natch – Googlezon lives!) is a one-click proposition. A Google account is required (but free).”

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soapynebula on March 28, 2006 at 8:42 am.

What will they think of next… First Google Moon, now this!

Google Moon:

It’s a shame that we have to buy the books, there are still loads of free ebooks to be found on google :D